Online Art Auction

The Scottsdale Arts Festival hosts an online art auction to help raise funds for arts education programs for youth presented at Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts and Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA). More than 50,000 children benefit from these programs each year. Last year’s auction raised $13,166 toward arts education!

The auction features original works of art in all media generously donated by Festival artists, with something for every taste and budget. Auction items are displayed inside Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts during Festival weekend.

Auction bidding is quick, easy and fun! Bidders may use a smartphone, tablet or personal computer to pre-register, view and bid on auction items 24/7 through the auction website. Representatives are also available at the auction to provide personal assistance with bidding.

The auction opens for bidding during Festival weekend.

Proceeds from the auction benefit Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, a division of the nonprofit Scottsdale Arts.

Previous Auction Items


  • Booth 102
    John Gavrilis
  • Booth 140
    Shani Solomon
  • Booth 175
    Andrew Butler
  • Booth 123
    Caroline Christie
  • Booth 123
    Caroline Christie
  • Booth 123
    Caroline Christie
  • Booth 14
    Caroline Viene
  • Booth 139
    Doug Anderson
  • Booth 141
    Paul Nzalamba & Lungala Rubadiri
  • Booth 173
    Peter Judge
  • Booth 85
    Rick Martin
  • Booth 109
    Jason & Danielle Napier
  • Booth 79
    Katherine Goulandris & Michael Burris
  • Booth 112
    Martin Lambuth
  • Booth 170
    Jessica Joy Reichert
  • Booth 40
    Gary Burke
  • Booth 174
    Scot A. Weir
  • Booth 88
    Tanya Doskova
  • Booth 48
    Sean Hill
  • Booth 42
    Moni Blom
  • Booth 43
    Andrew Madvin