Brian Hubel

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  • Artist Bio

    I was first introduced to woodworking as a kid growing up in Colorado. My grandfather had a woodshed, and I would visit him and tinker with his tools and draw designs on the bits and scraps of wood in his shop. My lifelong appreciation for the natural beauty of wood began then. Through my younger years and into adulthood, I continued to refine my skills and my style of woodworking as my appreciation grew for fine furniture. In 1998, I opened my own professional woodworking studio, and I have been making custom fine furniture ever since.

  • Over the years, my focus has remained consistent. I believe a fine piece of furniture should stand on its own. It should be graceful, yet strong. Its natural beauty and unique lines should be timeless. It should never be just another object in the room. Designing and creating furniture by hand is the purpose behind my work. My inspiration is sparked by the wood itself. The natural beauty obligates me to protect and preserve that beauty. My creations start not on a drawing table but from a mental image. Concepts become sketches, and sketches become instincts. I rarely work from detailed plans, which I find too confining. Instead, I follow the wood. The lines and shapes of my creations reveal themselves to me and this guides me to transform raw, natural resources into functional and timeless pieces of art. The designs evolves into clean and concise lines that follow compositions and architectural elements that reflect, however subtle, an Asian influence. And as I work through each piece, there is always aesthetic and structural evolution. This allows each piece to have a beautiful and elegant freedom, and solid, tight construction with traditional hand joinery which, left exposed, becomes an attractive design element.
  • Each of my creations is, to me, an extraordinary achievement that will never go out of style, will never fail and will leave my indelible mark in this world.