Deep Eddy

Dive in Bar

Visit the Deep Eddy Dive In Bar near the Fountain Stage for a variety of cocktails, beer, and wine.


Pop-up Art Bar

Stop by the Milagro Pop-up Art Bar near Amphitheater Stage to watch a custom piece being created live by a local artist during the festival weekend. A variety of cocktails, beer, and wine available.



Gourmet Food Vendors

Arcadia Farms

From handcrafted sandwiches to seasonally fresh salads, homemade sweets and pastries, specialty coffees and other delectable treats, we have what you want to satisfy your every craving.

Barrie’s Original Kettle Korn

Barrie’s Original Kettle Korn is a locally owned family business in Phoenix, AZ. We’ve been making delicious kettle corn in the Valley for over 20 years. We buy our ingredients locally and sell our product in our community.  We use a mushroom popcorn that makes perfect kettle corn every time. Making our product even better, we use no preservatives and our kettle corn is gluten/soy free. Our original kettle corn (sweet and salty) consists of mushroom popcorn, corn oil, sugar, and salt.

Be Crèpeful

We are a family owned business passionate about crepes and community.

Eur Haus

Welcome to our house, known as Eur Haus. We provide specialties from different regions of Europe—we take you on an epicurean adventure—no passport required.

Brandini Toffee

What started out 13 years ago by two high school sophomores as a means to pay for a class trip to Italy, has now blossomed into one of the best tasting, gourmet toffee lines in the country. Brandini Toffee is still owned and fully operated by its founders. Life is sweet! Like us on Facebook @BrandiniToffee.


Pairing art and food is a great way to share our creative spirit with our community. I am Korean and Hungarian, and was raised eating a modified version of Korean food—mostly bulgogi and rice. Using the flavors of the fresh ginger, sesame seeds, fresh garlic, green onions and soy sauce are bold, but when you add the sweet element, it creates a harmonious balance. This is the reason why I enjoy Korean food. The Gogi Tacos with grilled meat and daikon slaw offers a fresh quality, adding the sriracha mayo binds it all together, and gives it a tad bit of heat. Hibachibot is based out of Cave Creek, AZ.

Local Lunchbox


And we love Arizona. Just look around, there are farms, gardens, cows, and chickens all over the place. We have great weather here (Don’t like it in July? We would rather slink off to the pool than shovel snow!). And we have great people too!

While the rest of the country has seasonal farmers markets, we have them year-round. We are lucky to have access to great fruits and vegetables whenever we want … and with just a little coaxing, we can have great, big, juicy, garden tomatoes.

So why not showcase all that we have? What better way to do that than in a food truck? Our vision and mission at the Local Lunchbox is to source as much as we can locally. We also grow a lot of our own heirloom and hard to find varieties, and herbs so that we can bring you the very best ingredients.

The Maine Lobster Lady

A Maine island gal and her lobster fishin’ partner, bring real deal Maine lobster rolls and other remarkable Maine eats to the desert Southwest from November to April or so.

Lulu’s Italian Ice

Our gourmet Italian sorbetto is handcrafted daily using the freshest seasonal fruit as traditional Italian ice was made 100 years ago. I don’t use mixes, because every flavor is made from scratch. All of our flavors are 100% natural, and gluten, soy, and dairy free. We never use milk, cream, stabilizers, artificial flavor, food color, high-fructose corn syrup, or nuts. Pure cane sugar is added minimally to maintain the natural taste of the fruit. Our products are not sweet.

Mustache Pretzels

Back in college, Greg Golden got a laugh out of his wife (then girlfriend) by suggesting that they should sell pretzels shaped like mustaches.

Five years later, Greg quit his forensic accounting job to do just that. Armed with a little more than a clever slogan and a balky old box truck, Mustache Pretzels hit the streets in March 2014, and hasn’t looked back.

Why mustaches? Why pretzels? Because great mustaches aren’t born—they’re bread.

Paletas Betty

Paletas Betty specializes in handmade Mexican pops and beverages. Everything is scratch made in small batches using the freshest and finest ingredients we can procure.

Riley’s Spice of Life

Love Salsa?

Mix one scoop seasoning, one can of tomatoes, and you have salsa. Available in six different flavors. We sell chili and rub too.

Que Sazon

As long as I can remember we were having family and friends over and cooking delicious South American cuisine including empanadas and arepas. I was fortunate enough to have my mother and grandmother teach me the ways of authentic South American cooking. It’s no surprise that Latin culture is well known for extensive cuisine and our family was definitely well known for our BBQs. Working for several years in the restaurant industry helped polish my grilling and cooking skills.

Coming to the United States with my family 15 years ago I continued to cook and prepare Latin cuisine for various festivals with my mother. My wife Julie, mother Elizabeth, and I had talked about opening a restaurant for years and were very close about eight years ago. At that time due to the economy and other reasons we decided to wait. The decision was then made to head in the direction of the food truck industry. This had become extremely popular in the last 5–6 years and we felt this would be an outstanding opportunity to have our signature dishes become well known in the St. Louis area. We opened up our food truck, Que Sazon, in 2014 and had built a successful business over the last two years. We moved to Arizona for family matters and sold our food truck business in St. Louis, so it could continue to run. We have spent months rehabbing our new truck and getting it in full operation and we are finally ready to show the Maricopa area what South American cuisine is all about.

Satay Hut

Satay Hut—Gourmet Food Truck services the Phoenix metropolitan area serving flame grilled beef, chicken, and pork—Dutch Indonesian Satay.

Short Leash Hot Dogs

Become a naan believer.

Tom’s BBQ and Catering Arizona

Our Pig Rig is a fully stocked catering truck that carries our most popular products. To find out where the Pig Rig is going to be on any given day, check out the Pig Rig route online. Don’t worry about being able to find the Pig Rig once you get to the required destination. Our hot pink box truck is easy to spot from miles away.

Whether you are craving the most delicious pulled pork sandwich in Mesa, or can’t wait to sink your teeth into an Italian sausage sandwich, Tom’s BBQ is the place to be, there is “no butts about it!”

Untamed Confections

Untamed Confection’s gourmet honey caramels and chocolates are organic and handcrafted in small batches. Sonoran Desert wildflower honey is our only sweetener, which creates a soft, buttery, rich, melt-in-your-mouth gourmet caramel of exotic flavors. Our chocolate is rich, organic, and fair trade from Peru, which is created by truly artistic (we think) caramel and chocolate artisans. We bring in the flavors of our environment—the Sonoran Desert.

We use only the freshest and finest ingredients from sustainable agricultural practices, most of which we harvest or purchase from local organic farms.

We bring the exotic flavors of the wild Southwest to our unique honey confections.

We never use anything artificial of any kind—ever.

Our strong connection with nature shows in our lifestyle and in being an environmentally conscious company.

All of our products are packed in eco-friendly packaging, biodegradable, and/or recycled and compostable.