In November 2019, Scottsdale voters approved three bond questions, one of which contained funding for project #1 Replace Aging Infrastructure and Improve Public and Event Spaces on the Civic Center Plaza. During the past year, design work based on the approved Council approved Master Plan for Civic Center has taken place. Some of the preliminary construction work will take place this summer with the full-scale construction beginning this fall. It has been determined that the Civic Center will be closed beginning in October 2021 through December 2022. Unfortunately, as a result, we will be unable to host any outdoor events during this time which includes the 2022 Scottsdale Arts Festival.  Please see the attached fact sheet that the City of Scottsdale has created that highlights some of the changes and amenities that will be available on the completed Civic Center Plaza. 

We look forward to what 2023 will bring for the Scottsdale Arts Festival and our newly renovated outdoor spaces.

Jamie Prins

Scottsdale Arts Festival Director